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At “behind the mind” we believe strongly in the benefits of having pre-recorded CDs to aid in your hypnotherapy sessions. Although generic CDs are far less effective than a correctly and carefully constructed hypnotherapy session.

To get the full benefit from pre-recorded CDs they need to be tailored to the client and their specific needs and requirements.

That’s why “behind the mind” utilise a professional recording studio to record your CDs. We do this after a proper consultation with our clients either in person, by telephone or by Skype.

In this way we are gathering all the information required to construct a valuable hypnotherapy session just as we would during a normal session. CDs are then designed for the one client and one client only this gives the most positive outcome possible.

Hypnotherapy CDs can be recorded for any client requirement.

Please use our contact us form for further information or call 04 2105 0367.

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